Analysis and
Research in
Turbomachinery and
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  • San Diego State University (Prof. A. Beyene);
  • National Technical University of Athens (Prof. C. Frangopoulos and Prof. S. Karellas);
  • Technical University of Berlin, Germany (Prof. G. Tsatsaronis and Prof. T. Morosuk);
  • Hunan University, College of Civiling Engineering, China (Prof. Hongqiang Li);
  • University of Saragoza, Spain (prof. A. Valero);
  • University of Guanajuato, Mexico (prof. A. Zaleta);
  • Virginia Tech University, USA (prof. M. von Spakovsky);
  • Polytechnique de Lausanne (prof. D. Favrat e prof. F. Maréchal);
  • Istituto Motori, National Research Council (Napoli);
  • National Research Council (Padova);
  • University of Rome "La Sapienza";
  • University of Trieste;
  • Polytechnic of Turin;
  • University of Florence;
  • University of Genova;
  • ENEL Green Power;
  • Nuovo Pignone S.p.A. (GE Oil & Gas group);
  • ETS Engine Technology Solutions s.r.l.;
  • Italian National Agency fo New Technologies (ENEA);
  • Aprilia S.p.A.;
  • Azienda Generale Servizi Municipalizzati (Verona, Italy);
  • Barry Racing by Mozzo Moto;
  • Berto Industria Tessile S.p.A.;
  • Danieli & C. - Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. - Danieli Group;
  • ELASIS S.C.p.A. (FIAT Group);
  • Galletti S.p.A.;
  • INFN-Legnaro;
  • Leali S.p.A.;
  • MAN Turbo s.r.l. De Pretto;
  • MBF S.p.A.;
  • Mistral s.r.l.;
  • Nuvera Fuel Cells s.r.l.;
  • OZ Racing S.p.A.;
  • PAVAN S.p.A;
  • Riello Burners S.p.A.;
  • Saipem S.p.A.;
  • Sonsub-Saipem FPSO S.p.A.;
  • Tomasetto Achille S.p.A.;
  • Viesse pompe S.r.l.;
  • Vortice Elettrosociali s.r.l.;
  • ZF-Padova S.p.A..
Institutional partnerships
Industrial partnerships