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Type-A test rig - Vacuum chamber and free delivery
Type-C test rig - Pressured chamber and free suction. Presently configured for cross flow fan testing
Internal combustion engines

The internal combustion engine laboratory presently includes:
A) A sound-proof test cell equipped with eddy current dynamometer, real time measurement instrumentation and flue gas conditioning. A new programmable system able to control both the engine and the dynamometer has been recently set up.
B) A gas emission measuring system for the analysis of exhaust gas composition. The instrumentation allows to record the concentration of total hydrocarbons (THC), nitric oxides (NO and NO2), carbon monoxide and dioxide, and oxygen at engine exhaust.
C) Two test benches without thermal and acoustic insulation equipped with Froude hydraulic brake dynamometers.
D) Three spark-ignition (SI) commercial engines (a 4-cylinders 1200cc car engine and two motorbike engines).
E) Discharge-flow test rig for the measurement of valve discharge flow coefficient.
Sound-proof test cell with brake and engine control systems
Eddy current dynamometer installed within the test cell
(Borghi e Saveri FE260S
Maximum brake torque: 610 Nm@1200 rpm
Maximum speed: 12000 rpm)
Discharge-flow test rig derived from an A-type industrial fan test rig built according to the ISO 5801 Standard
Froude water brake dynamometer
(Maximum power torque: 368 kW
Maximum speed: 10000 rpm)

Current facilities allow the measure of performance of small axial fans and cross flow fans (impeller external diameter up to 300 mm) in agreement to UNI EN ISO 5801 Standard. A fourth test rig for medium-size axial fans (impeller diameter up to 1000 mm) is under design. Test rigs are equipped with auxiliary fans to overcome the pressure losses of rigs and with water micromanometers having 1/100 mm accuracy to measure static pressure. Cross flow fan facility is also suitable for local pressure measures by means of pitot probes to be inserted within the impeller.
Type-B test rig - Pipe on the delivery and free suction