Analysis and
Research in
Turbomachinery and

MARTES Group was created by Prof. A. D. Martegani in the early 90´s within the Mechanical Engineering Department (DIM) of the University of Padova. During the years the group grew thanks to the high scientific and industrial experience of its coordinator. From the first theoretical and experimental activities on turbomachinery and internal combustion engines, research was extended to energy systems, thermo-fluid dynamics and aerodynamics.

Today, the principal investigators of the Group are
Prof. A. Lazzaretto and M. Masi. Scientific and educational activities include design and off-design simulation and optimisation of energy systems and components (combustors, internal combustion engines, boilers, pumps, fans, compressors, expanders and other), modelling and simulation of turbulent flows. The activities are organised at various levels, from detailed CFD analyses of components to systems synthesis using traditional or evolutive, single or multi-objective, optimisation techniques.

Born in Legnano (near Milan) in 1932, he graduated in Mechanical engineering at the University of Padova with honors and was also awarded with the "Sarpi golden medal" for the best student of the year.
In 1987 he became professor in turbomachinery design at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Padova. In his active academic life, he held several prestigious institutional positions.
He had an eclectic personality and cultivated various interests with unmatched industriousness. He combined his theoretical and experimental scientific interest while being a consultant for many industries and government offices due to his widely recognised expertise in turbomachinery, energy systems and industrial plants. He died unexpectedly in May 2008.

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